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Dialup Internet Access

Vaxxine Dialup Internet Access offers you two choices for a dialup plan that will best suit your needs and budget. Feel free to choose either a Monthly Account or a Block Account. If you are unsure which will best for you, our friendly Sales staff will be more than happy to help you select a package.

Monthly Accounts are convenient packages for anyone using the Internet on a regular basis. Pick a plan to have a specific number of hours of access time available to you each month. If you go over your plan's hours, you will only have to pay for the cost of extra hours.

Monthly Internet Dialup Plans: Monthly Hours: Cost for Extra Hours: Storage1: Monthly Cost: Annual Rate Packages2:
(incl. 1 month free)
» Starter 20 $0.50 20MB $7.95 $95.40 $87.45
» Introductory 50 $0.40 20MB $12.95 $155.40 $142.45
» Light 125 $0.30 20MB $17.95 $215.40 $197.45
» Unlimited UNLIMITED* N/A 20MB $22.95 $275.40 $252.45

Block Accounts

Block Accounts are affordable packages for the casual Internet user. It allows you to buy your Dialup time in advance. Block accounts are convenient for someone who doesn't like monthly bills. Please note that there is a minimum of 5 hour usage per month on any Block account, so if you don't use at least 5 hours, 5 hours will still be deducted from your Block time.

Block Internet Dialup Plans: Total Hours: Cost for Extra Hours: Storage1: Total Cost:
» Block 50 50 $0.75 20MB $37.50
» Block 100 100 $0.60 20MB $60.00
» Block 200 200 $0.43 20MB $85.00
» Block 300 300 $0.37 20MB $110.00
» Block 500 500 $0.35 20MB $175.00
» Block 1000 1000 $0.30 20MB $300.00
Block Accounts are Payable In Advance and there are No Refunds!
Vaxxine also offers affordable Corporate Packages for Dialup Access for businesses.
Please contact our Sales Department for details.

Dialup Account Benefits And Features

  • 1 Vaxxine E-mail Address for any Block, Starter, Introductory, or Light Account
  • 3 Vaxxine E-mail Addresses for any Heavy or Unlimited Account
  • Personal Web Space
  • Access your Vaxxine E-mail from anywhere with our Webmail System
  • 20MB combined Storage for your Web Site and Email
  • Online Access to your Account Information such as Usage, Time Remaining and Storage
  • Configure your Vaxxine E-mail preferences using our new Mail Control Panel
  • Technical Support
  • E-mail SPAM & Virus Protection Free
Prices Effective June 1st, 2014. Prices Subject To Change Without Notice. All prices in Canadian dollars. 1Additional storage beyond quota is charged at 10¢/MB per month.2Annual Rate packages auto-renew each year. There are no refunds on annual packages. *There is a 4 hour session limit for unlimited accounts. Please note that Vaxxine requires at least 2 weeks notice for service cancellation in writing either by e-mail, mail, or fax.

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