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Specialized Internet Access

Need a special kind of connection for your network? Allow Vaxxine to plan the most effective solution for you. HSA, VPN, Fiber Optic Connections, Static IP addresses - Vaxxine has the Networking Specialists who can configure your network, no matter how intricate.


This is a non-authenticated DSL service that is especially useful for corporate connections requiring more stability and especially for interfacing with special networking equipment.

VPN - Virtual Private Network

A VPN is a type of network setup that will allow for computers at different locations to connect to one another securely over a public network such as the Internet.

All the data transmitted in this type of network is encrypted so it is safe. Since VPN setup can range from simple to complex, pricing involved will vary as well.

Fiber Optic Connections

Vaxxine can provide specialized High Speed Fiber Optic Connections for inter-office connectivity or for very high speed symmetric internet connections ranging from 2 Mbps to 1 Gbps (1000 Mbps). These are available only in 3 and 5 year contracts. Contact Sales by Phone or E-mail for more information.

Static IP

A Static IP will allow your computer to have the same numeric address associated with it at all times. You would be able to remotely access your computers over the Internet. You could also have your computer setup to do your own Web Hosting. Static IPs start as low as $20 per month.

Because there are a variety of solutions depending on your special needs, there is not always ONE perfect solution.
Contact our Sales Department for a quote, and for advice on choosing the perfect solution.

21 years of Reliable Internet Service, 31 years of Expert Computer Service. Call Vaxxine 905-685-1539

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