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Virus Cleaning & Removal

Is your computer acting kind of sluggish and not sure why? You might just have a Computer Virus or some form of Spyware on your computer. If you suspect you do, then bring your computer to Vaxxine to get VAXXINATED!!

Common Computer Virus Signs:

  • Your computer is running/responding slower than usual
  • Some software applications don't respond properly or won't open at all
  • You get unusual error messages
  • Disk drives are inaccessible
  • Your computer crashes and/or freezes and/or restarts itself often
  • Your antivirus program is suddenly disabled and cannot be re-enabled
  • You suddenly have very low disk space (indicates the virus could be making copies of itself on your hard drive)
  • There is a double extension on an e-mail attachment that you recently opened, such as .jpg.vbs or .gif.exe
  • Desktop icons disappear or new ones appear

Common Adware/Spyware Signs:

  • You get a popup window even though you are not surfing the Web
  • Your default homepage (eg: like has changed to some obscure site
  • You have new buttons on your browser toolbar (eg: like Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.)
  • New desktop icons that link to Gambling or pornographic sites
  • New bookmarks that point to shady content now appears in your Favorites list in Internet Explorer
  • Drastic system performance slowdown
  • New phone bill charges!!! This is caused by a dialer program that installed itself online

Helpful Tips for Virus Removal at Vaxxine:

  1. Bring in only the tower unless you have previously spoken to a Technician and you have been told otherwise. If the computer is a laptop, then please bring in its power cord.
  2. Please tell the receptionist as many details about your computer as possible, such as:
    • The Operating System on the computer (e.g.: Windows 98, XP, MAC OS X, etc)
    • Any username and password needed to log into the computer
    • Virus and/or Spyware symptoms
    • Indicate IF you have any Anti-Virus and/or Anti-Spyware software installed
  3. Virus/Spyware removals sometimes involve uninstalling and reinstalling Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware software. You must provide Vaxxine with the original CDs should you wish for our Technicians to reinstall the same software for you. However, this is not necessary as we can install freeware versions of Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware software

Repair Fees:

$115/hr on site and $105/hr in house with minimum charge of $52.50 to diagnose, plus applicable taxes. You may bring your computer to Vaxxine during any regular business office hours. Our Computer Technicians' hours are Monday to Friday from 9AM to 5PM.

Our Computer Security Centre has many answers to common questions about Viruses and Spyware. There is great deal of information there that has been gathered by our staff.

21 years of Reliable Internet Service, 31 years of Expert Computer Service. Call Vaxxine 905-685-1539

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