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Wed, Jul 15, 2015 3:23pm

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About Vaxxine's Webmail Service
You may use Vaxxine's Webmail service to view and manage your Vaxxine email account. Please login above using your Vaxxine account username and password. The main advantage to using Webmail over a traditional email client (such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Apple Mail, etc.), is that you can access your email account from anywhere using any computer, provided that computer has an Internet connection. On the road? On vacation? Need to access your email? Simply point your web browser to

Managing your E-mail - keep your Mailbox lean and mean!
Saved Email in any of your Webmail folders (inbox, sent-mail, etc.) will add to storage and could result in additional storage charges. Unlike regular Email clients (such as Outlook, Outlook Express, & Eudora), Webmail does not automatically delete your mail messages from the server once you have downloaded them from the Internet. Therefore, it is important to clear any unnecessary mail from all folders on a regular basis to avoid additional storage charges. Thank you, Vaxxine

Note: While you are using Webmail, it is important that you DO NOT have any other email clients (Outlook, Outlook Express) open and connected to the server. Having more than one email client simultaneously connecting to your mail account can lead to a corrupted mailbox, and possible loss of messages.