Vaxxine Help: Cookies

What are Cookies?

Internet Cookies are a small piece of data stored locally by your browser that saves information, and helps identify you to web sites upon subsequent visits. Cookies are like little identification cards passed out by web sites. Like conventional ID cards, cookies are carried with the user, they store information to help identify you, and they expire at a certain date and then must be reissued. Web sites use cookies to enhance the user experience. Without cookies enabled, some web site features may not function correctly.

How do I enable Cookies?

Select your browser and version from the choices below...

» Firefox 2.x / 3.x

» Opera 9.x

» Internet Explorer 7.x / 8.x

» Internet Explorer 6.x

» Internet Explorer 5.x

» Mac Internet Explorer 5.x

» Netscape 8.x / 9.x

» Netscape 7.x


For further instructions on how to change your cookies settings, or on how to determine your browser version, please use your browser's HELP documentation.