About Us

What's in a Name?

The company name has prompted many of our loyal customers to ask, just HOW did we come up with such a unique name? Of course many associate us with virus prevention, and we certainly do that, but the truth is the name is a play on the most successful mini-computer ever, the VAX-11.

Mini-History of Vaxxine

Vaxxine Computers was founded in 1984 as All Systems Go originally for the purpose of supporting and servicing the Digital Equipment Corporation's VAX computer. The incorporation as Vaxxine took place in 1986. In 1994, Vaxxine evolved into the area of Internet Service by providing Dial­up Access to customers as the very first in the Niagara Peninsula. Since those early days, we have become a premiere supplier of Web Hosting and High Speed Internet Service.

One of the hazards of providing excellent Internet Service is that our customers think of us as JUST an Internet Provider. That couldn't be further from the truth.

And yet, despite our great and reliable Internet services, we do provide a variety of other products and services. We sell and service computer hardware and software, and we manage IT for numerous small businesses in the Niagara Region. We have also been an Apple Certified Service Provider for 20 years and can handle warranty and out of warranty repairs on all Apple products, from iMacs to iPhones. We also do Web Design by creating clean, creative and eye­catching Web Sites and we can Host Sites as well on our secure Web Servers. In addition to that, we also do custom programming in a variety of languages as well as database design. In short, we cover most areas of computer technology.

But what has made Vaxxine really so successful over the years and has kept us going strong for over 30 years, is the fact that we are a small, local company that employs only the best staff who really care about being the BEST. We accomplish this by satisfying our customers with excellent, attentive customer service that truly knows no bounds. Our Technical Support staff provides friendly and helpful advice to our customers. And we don't outsource our technical support overseas, so you can take pride in knowing that you are supporting a TRUE Canadian business, and that you will receive support from staff who have a strong background in computers.

Vaxxine also stays actively in touch with the community by way of supporting a number of non­profit and charitable organizations. For the past 15 years, Vaxxine has teamed up with the OPP and Walter Gretzky on a Christmas mission to help spread a little bit of cheer to unfortunate sick children in various hospitals within the region.

At Vaxxine, we strive for excellence and we do that by listening to the concerns and needs of our customers first. Our wonderful customers have helped us to shape us into the successful business that we are today.

23 years of Reliable Internet Service, 33 years of Expert Computer Service. Call Vaxxine 905.685.1539