Internet Connection Help

DSL Connections

The ADSL (Asymmetric digital subscriber line) service we offer works through phones lines. It requires the transmission of a username and password, either through the modem, the router, or less commonly, through the computer itself. This connection is known as a PPPoE (point-to-point protocol over Ethernet).

The first requirement of logging into your account is having a modem that is "in sync". This means that your modem is connected to the phone line and detects a ADSL signal on it. A light on your modem will flash as it tries to synchronize with the DSL signal. Once this lit remains solid, your modem has sync. This light will be labeled differently depending on your modem type; some examples are DSL, ADSL, WAN, or Internet.

Once your modem has sync, if set up in bridge mode, you'll need either a router or computer- to provide the login credentials to establish a connection. Because of the variety of routers from the variety of manufacturers available, Vaxxine can only offer limited phone or email support on setting up/configuring a router. If you need a router set up for you, please bring the router and modem, with their power cables, into the office. Once a router is set up properly, assuming all hardware is connected properly and functioning, you should be online constantly.

If your modem is set up for bridge mode and you would like to connect without your router, you can set up a broadband connection. This is an excellent troubleshooting step. Setting up a connection through either a Windows or Apple computer will depend on the operating system. In either case, you are looking for the network connections. This is most commonly found in the "Network and Sharing Centre" through the Control Panel in Windows. On a Mac, you are looking for the "Network" option in System Preferences. In either, you are looking to create a new connection. Select either "Broadband" or "PPPoE" and enter the username and password.

If your modem is configured with the user name and password, it is set to log in automatically; so once the modem establishes sync, you'll be connected. Your router will need to be configured for DHCP or Dynamic IP Address if this is the case.

Note that all programmable modems and routers have a reset button recessed in the back or bottom of the unit. The reset button can only be reached by using a thin object. Please do not press this button unless under the direction of Technical Support! Doing so resets the modem to factory defaults, losing all login configurations. The modem/router may need to be brought back in for reprogramming if this is done.

Information you need to setup up a PPPoE connection:

  • Username: dr* or db* for business accounts. You can find this information on your welcome letter,, or from our office.
  • Password: As above, you can find this information on your welcome letter,, or from our office.
  • VPI/VCI: This information is only required for setting up modems. It is always 0/35.

If you are having problems with your connection, the first step of troubleshooting is to perform a full power-cycle; to do this, power off the modem and router either with their power buttons, or by removing their power cords. Leave them off for 15 minutes. Power on the modem first and confirm it is capable of getting sync. Then power on the router. If this does not resolve the issue, or the issue reoccurs shortly thereafter, please contact technical support.

Cable Connections

Cable connection troubleshooting is fairly straight forward. Manuals are available for download for both the Thomson DCM476, and RCA DCM425 cable modems.

Power-cycling the modem will resolve most issues people are having, however in some cases, a factory reset will be necessary. To do so, a long thin object is inserted into the recessed reset button and should be held in for 30 full seconds. Once this is released, the modem can take up to 15 minutes to obtain full connection again. In the case of the DCM476, this looks like a green power light, three blue middle lights, and either a green or blue fifth light. After a factory reset, it is best to hook the modem up directly to a computer to confirm the modem can obtain an IP address and connection to the internet.

For routers to work with Cable modems, they need to be set up in DHCP/Dynamic IP mode. As with DSL, we can provide limited phone and email support for configuration of routers based on variety.

DIALUP Connections

Dialup accounts require that you log into our server with the correct username and password. A Dialup connection uses your computer's modem to connect directly with the Vaxxine's dialup server. Once connected, you can surf the Internet, send E-mail, etc. although we heartily recommend a cable or DSL connection (if available) for a more enjoyable internet experience. To configure your Dialup connection you'll need to make sure you have your Vaxxine username and password ready before proceeding. Your dialup connection only needs to be configured once. After that, you can simply double-click on the the dial-up connection you created to connect to the Internet.

With the large number of operating systems and versions today a single how-to is unfortunately not feasible for a dialup connection. If you need assistance on setting up your dialup connection please telephone our support line at 905-685-1539 Option 3.