Email Configuration

Email Server Status

  • POP server: OK
  • SMTP server ( OK
  • IMAP server: OK
  • OK
  • OK

Adding New Email Accounts (through

Customers are now able to create and manage their own E-mail accounts/addresses.

Using your browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.) go to If you have already reset your account password, log in. If not, get your password here. If you need help resetting or obtaining your account password, information can be found here.

  • You will be prompted for your customer number. Your customer number may be found on your Vaxxine invoice.
  • Follow the instructions. Then click the Get Your Password button.
  • You will receive an E-mail that contains a link. Click that link. It will take you to a screen asking for the account number and a new password.
  • You may then use the new password to log in to

Once you have successfully logged in to, you will get a list of services.

  • Locate E-mail. Click the Manage button.
  • Locate the link Manage your mailboxes.
  • On the new screen, click Add a mailbox.
  • Enter the information to create a new E-mail account. You can create your own password or use the Generate button to have the system create one for you.

Once you have successfully created a new Email account at, you can can start using the new email address through Vaxxine's Webmail, or if you prefer to use you own Email Client, you will need to configure your Email software using the connection settings in the following sections.

Email Configuration for Email addresses

Setting up your email account in an email client is very similar in almost every program available. In the Server settings configuration of your Email client, use the following:

  • POP (Incoming) Mail Server: (port 110)
  • IMAP (Incoming) Mail Server: (port 143)
  • SMTP (Outgoing) Mail Server: (authenticated port 2525)

Email Configuration for your own Domain (

After creating a user account in the Hosting Contol Panel, you will likely want to manage e-mail for the user on a mail client such as Outlook, Mac Mail, Windows Live Mail, or Mozilla Thunderbird. To configure your mail client for the address "", use this information*:

  1. Login User: firstname
  2. E-mail address:
  3. Login username: firstname.[hosting username], where [hosting username] is your hosting username.
  4. Login password: The e-mail account's password
  5. Incoming mail server:
  6. Outgoing mail server:**

*This information is available via the Hosting Contol Panel on a per-user basis. Just hover your mouse over the underlined username.
**select "authenticated SMTP" and use your login username and password as your auth values.

Email Control Panel Configuration

Any e-mail user on your domain can log into the e-mail control panel to manage things specific to their e-mail address. To access the panel, go to and enter your full e-mail address and e-mail password to log in.

As an e-mail user, you may manage the following entities:
Vacation Auto-reply Message
This is a message that is automatically sent out any time you receive an e-mail. The automatic reply will be sent to the e-mail address that originally sent you the e-mail.

E-mail Forwarding
If you maintain an address on another domain that you wish to receive the same e-mail messages received by an address on this domain, you can set this address up as a forwarding address.

You will have the option to keep a copy of the forwarded mail on this domain's e-mail account if you wish.

Spam Control & Filtering
We offer the following controls to manage what messages are let into your inbox:

  • Blacklisting: Every e-mail address in your blacklist will be blocked by our spam filters and never make it to your inbox. We allow wildcards (the * symbol) in our filter rules, so adding * will block all e-mail messages coming from addresses.
  • Whitelisting: Every e-mail address in your whitelist will be let through our spam filters and always make it to your inbox. We allow wildcards (the * symbol) in our filter rules, so adding * will allow all e-mail messages coming from addresses.
  • Automatic Spam Blocking: If you enable automatic spam blocking, we will automatically remove all messages we flag as spam (based on certain criteria) before they even reach your inbox. You can choose to disable this if wish to manage it yourself using the blacklist/whitelist filters explained above.

Email Sending Restrictions

There are restrictions on the rate of outgoing emails when using password authenticated SMTP. This is to prevent our mail server from being blacklisted if an account is compromised and used to send out spam, malware or phishing messages.

Here’s a chart explaining these restrictions:

Restriction Types Daytime (8am-6pm) Evening (6pm-8am)
Per Minute 25 15
Per Hour 100 50
Total Per Day / Night 750 375

For those who require a higher rate when sending email, in order to accommodate this you will have to:

  1. Be on a Vaxxine internet connection
  2. Set your mail client to NOT use password authentication for outgoing email

If you are not using a Vaxxine internet connection, there is no way to circumvent these limitations.

Thank you for your understanding.