IT Services

Business services

Vaxxine has been helping local businesses with their IT needs for over 30 years. We can custom tailor a solution to fit your needs or optimize your current setup. Whether you need a network designed from scratch, upgraded, or maintained, Vaxxine can provide you with expertise from experienced staff who will get the job done in a friendly and timely manner. By utilizing our other services such as internet access, web hosting and development you could have one central point of contact for all of your technological needs!

Our business services include, but are not limited to:
  • Computer Maintenance
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Custom Server and Workstation Installations
  • Project Planning
  • Network Installation, Maintenance & Security
  • LANs, WANs, VPNs, Firewall / Gateway Security
  • Unix, Linux and Windows Server support
  • Centralize your accounting system with MoneyWorks

PC repairs & virus removal

Frustrated with your computer because it is not performing the way it is supposed to? Not sure what to do with it?

Vaxxine's qualified technicians can assist you by troubleshooting, diagnosing, then fixing the problem.

You don't need to call to make an appointment, but please be advised that Vaxxine will keep your computer for a minimum of one day.

Repair Fees

$125/hr on site and $120/hr in house with minimum charge of $60 to diagnose, plus applicable taxes.

You may bring your computer to Vaxxine during any regular business office hours. Our Computer Technicians' hours are Monday to Friday from 9AM to 5PM.

Tips for repairs at Vaxxine

  1. Bring in only the tower unless you have previously spoken to a Technician and you have been told otherwise. If the computer is a laptop, then please bring in its power cord.
  2. Please tell the receptionist as many details about your computer as possible, such as:
    • The operating system on the computer (e.g.: Windows XP, Vista, 7, Mac OS X, etc)
    • Any username and password needed to log into the computer
    • What you are doing on the computer when the problem occurs
    • Indicate any new software you might have installed / uninstalled before the problem began
    • If you are a Vaxxine Internet customer, please indicate your username and password as well
  3. Repairs sometimes involve uninstalling and reinstalling software. You must provide Vaxxine with the software CDs should you wish for our Technicians to reinstall software for you. It is a good idea to bring in your operating system disks and Anti-Virus disks along with your computer.
  4. If your computer is having hardware problems, Vaxxine will call to inform you of the costs of replacing the defective hardware should you decide this is something you want to do.

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