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Etsy movement hits Niagara Falls

When graphic designer Jaime Drayer decided to pair her two loves, cats and wine, she never thought it would lead to such success.  More

Organics recycling conference coming to Niagara Falls

Organics recycling is a “home run for the environment” and a national conference scheduled for Niagara Falls will outline why, says Susan Antler, executive director of the Compost Council of Canada.  More

Early morning Fire on Rolls Ave.

St. Catharines Fire Department are still on the scene of an early morning fire in the City's north end.  More

SEARCH ENGINE: Watering trees is in the bag

You ask... We answer. Q: I’ve noticed quite a number of young or newly planted trees about St. Catharines that have a green garbage-type bag at their bases. Is this something new in protecting young trees?  More

Transportation strategy tied to economic future: MP

Niagara Centre MP Vance Badawey hopes to build on incentive programs and initiatives that have been implemented in the past to help ensure a bright economic future for the region.  More

Parading into Wainfleet's fair

A parade of marching bands, gleaming vintage vehicles, military personnel and delighted children led the way to start Wainfleet's 50th annual Fall Fair, where fireworks lit up the sky on Thursday.  More

Sandham’s repair shop still ticking

It’s a sunny afternoon but the fluorescent lights inside Sandham’s Electric are dimmed by five stained glass light fixtures.  More

Regional council defers affordable bus pass move

A move to push down the price of a monthly Niagara Region Transit pass for eligible riders was deferred by councillors Thursday.  More

‘Depressed’ city road leaves neighbours frustrated

In this centretown part of St. Catharines, they call it “Lake Lowell”.  More

Haunt Manor bigger, more spooky than ever

Fans of the classic horror film Psycho and the TV prequel spin-off, Bates Motel, will want to check out Haunt Manor in Niagara Falls.  More

Council takes next step in airports transition

A divided Niagara Region Council has voted to advance to the next negotiations phase in adopting responsibility for two regional airports.  More

Fort SPCA seeking information about neglected dog

A neglected dog is recovering at the Fort Erie SPCA after he was discovered in the Ridgeway area last month.  More

Senior cycles more than 100 kilometres to mark 80th birthday

Every year for the past 15 years, Don Bourne bikes his age in kilometres on his birthday.  More

Goodyear Blimp flight over Niagara Falls postponed

The planned flight of the Goodyear Blimp over Niagara Falls for Friday morning has been postponed.  More

Brock and acting provost split

Brock University has is not proceeding with the appointment of a senior administrator who was brought on board by Wendy Cukier.  More

Border guards on high alert in case suspect in deadly Seattle-area shooting tries to enter Canada

Mall Shooting-Washington

A massive manhunt was underway Saturday for a gunman authorities said opened fire inside a Macy's store at a mall north of Seattle, killing five people. Security footage shows that he did not have a weapon when he arrived at the ball 10 minutes earlier.


Royal visit to B.C. kicks off in Victoria today

Royal Visit

Thousands of adoring fans are expected to attend events on the first day of the much-anticipated royal visit to British Columbia.


Think you paid fees over the advertised price for your car?


You've bought a car at a dealership and you think you have been charged fees on top of the advertised price for the vehicle. You'd like to get that money back, but the problem is you don't have a copy of the original ad showing the price that brought you into the dealership. What do you do now?


100 years in the making: Inside Washington's museum of African-American history

joe louis

On Washington's National Mall, the dark bronze edifice stands in stark contrast with its white-marble neighbours. Appropriately so, given the distinct story that the new National Museum of African American History and Culture seeks to tell about what it means to be American.


'Don't shoot him!': North Carolina shooting victim's family releases own video


The family of a black man fatally shot by police in Charlotte, N.C., on Friday released its own video of the encounter that sparked three days of protests, and they continued to urge officials to release their own recordings of the slaying.


Nearly 2M people without running water as fighting escalates in Aleppo


Syrian government forces captured a rebel-held area on the edge of Aleppo on Saturday, and nearly two million people were without running water following an escalation in fighting over the past few days.


Montreal actor found dead in Strombo's home remembered for his love of music

hong high school

Montrealers who grew up with Richard Hong remember him as a "rambunctious" student who loved music, basketball and hanging out at Dunkin' Donuts. He was found dead Friday morning in the Los Angeles home of his friend, Canadian broadcaster George Stroumboulopoulos.


Want to save thousands of dollars a year? Here's 5 easy ways to cut costs at the grocery store

Middle class grocery

Personal finance expert Kerry Taylor took Peter Armstrong — host of On the Money on CBCNN — to a grocery store to share some of her best cost-cutting tips.


Thousands of photos stolen from Pippa Middleton after iCloud account hacked

Britain People Middleton Phone Hacked

London police say they are investigating the reported hacking of the iCloud account of Pippa Middleton, younger sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, and the alleged theft of 3,000 photographs.


Trudeau's pipeline remark puts focus on Pacific Northwest gas pipeline

PM Newser 20160921

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may have signalled that his cabinet is prepared to sign-off on a massive natural gas pipeline project that will traverse through B.C.'s north.


Winner aside, it's a lose-lose for presidential debate moderators


The focus will be on U.S. presidential candidates HIllary Clinton and Donald Trump during their first debate on Monday, but the performance of the moderator will also be in the spotlight.


Five Canadian communities threatened by climate change now

day climate etc 2

CBC Radio's Day 6 kicks off its fall season with Facing the Change, a special series profiling five communities in Canada facing serious threats from climate change right now.


Building peace in Colombia may be more challenging than 50 years of war

Colombia Rebel Congress

The plan by the Colombian rebel group FARC to disarm after half a century of warfare, form a political party and blend into civilian life looks enormously challenging.


Our uncomfortable ride with central bankers who can't take us home again: Neil Macdonald


The world's central banks responded to the Great Recession by printing money. Lots of it. The practice drove down interest rates to nearly zero, robbed savers of return on their investments and rewarded those who live beyond their means. Things were supposed to return to normal eventually. Well, don't count on it.


Montreal latest North American city being urged to explore 911 texting service

Calls for widely available texting services are on the rise in some North Amercian cities since the mass shooting at an Orlando nightclub in June, when it was reported that some of the victims texted family members to ask them to call 911 out of fear of drawing the shooter’s attention.  More

Health Canada saw lab tests showing toxins in retail pot, minister confirms

The Health Minister confirmed in a statement Friday that her staff had received the reports that showed the presence of dangerous chemicals in marijuana in Vancouver dispensaries  More

Inuit artist Annie Pootoogook’s body found in Ottawa river

Troubled Annie Pootoogook, 47, had lived in Ottawa for past nine years after a string of artistic successes  More

Maryam Monsef and the modern political narrative

MP Maryam Monsef seems to be getting the benefit of the doubt in her Peterborough riding, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t question how politicans sell themselves  More

Gord Downie’s Secret Path project shows way forward on reconciliation: chief

As Gord Downie looks on, Law Society awards Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler with honorary degree  More

An insider’s guide to understanding Quebec

Pollster Jean-Marc Léger says Quebeckers, despite cherishing joie de vivre above all, aren’t so different from English Canada  More

Canadian actor Richard Hong found dead at Stroumboulopoulos’s L.A. home

Police in Los Angeles are investigating an apparent homicide at a home rented by George Stroumboulopoulos  More

At a Montreal mini-mall, interfaith friendship blooms

On Nuns’ Island in Montreal, followers of the three faiths find common cause – and friendship – in helping Syrian refugees  More

Waterloo study on BS wins Ig Nobel Peace Prize

Gordon Pennycook and fellow University of Waterloo scientists take home tongue-in-cheek award for delving into ‘bullshit’  More

The work of artist Annie Pootoogook

A collection of chalk-and-ink drawings by Inuit artist Annie Pootoogook, winner of the Sobey Award in 2006  More

Anti-pipeline accord could deepen divide in indigenous communities

An Indigenous coalition has opposed crude transport, but some nations say the oil and gas has benefits  More

Military police, prosecutors call for more rights for victims of crime

Three years after legislation passes, military still waiting for victims’ bill of rights for military tribunals  More

Fire that prompted state of emergency on Manitoba reserve set by kids: RCMP

Fire destroyed Shamattawa’s only grocery store, along with the band office, post office, radio station and local 9-1-1 centre  More

Five-year-old boy dies in farming accident in rural Ontario

Police say the boy fell out of the bucket of a tractor and was struck by the heavy packer the tractor was hauling  More

Canada’s founding myths hold us back from addressing climate change

To tackle climate change, we must quash the notion of Canada as a New World of limitless bounty  More

When to start fretting about debts and home prices? Now’s good

Plus, some Brangelina movie posters I'd love to see  More

Three provinces, lawyers’ group to intervene in Oland bail appeal

Supreme Court rules Criminal Lawyers’ Association of Ontario, as well as provinces of Ontario, Alberta, and B.C. can intervene when the hearing starts  More

Wynne urges changes to Ontario's water bottling practices

Premier Kathleen Wynne says Ontario needs new rules for how much bottled water companies pay and how much water they can take  More

Ottawa did not warn Vancouver about toxins in retail pot, councillor says

Documents show lab results were sent to federal government nearly a year ago, and revealed that cannabis from several Vancouver dispensaries contained pesticides and fungicides ‘not approved for any human use’  More

Ontario universities consulting with families to address job-market concerns

On Friday, universities will launch a year-long consultation with the public probing opinions on jobs, environmental sustainability and social services, among other topics  More

Toronto schools are starting each day with a First Nations lesson

TDSB’s new approach to daily opening exercises is partly aresponse the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report last year  More

New N.S. cyberbullying law won’t be ready until next year: minister

The Supreme Court of Nova Scotia struck down the CyberSafety Act last December, saying it infringed on charter rights  More

Police seize Montreal reporter’s computer to find source for story

Provincial police seized Journal de Montreal reporter Michael Nguyen’s computer at the behest of Quebec’s judicial council  More

Top court’s bilingual rule a barrier to indigenous judges: Sinclair, Bellegarde

Sen. Murray Sinclair and Perry Bellegarde say an indigenous Supreme Court appointment is long overdue  More

Atheist minister moves closer to defrocking as formal hearing requested

Formal hearing requested on whether United Church minister Gretta Vosper should be defrocked  More

Brown privately said he opposed same-sex marriage: Christian leaders

Jack Fonseca and Charles McVety say Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown told them privately he was against abortion and same sex marriage  More

President of Native Women’s Association of Canada stepping down

Dawn Lavell-Harvard, who was elected to a three-year term in July of 2015, issued a letter of resignation to NWAC’s board of directors after more than 20 years of formal advocacy  More

U.S., Canadian aboriginal groups sign treaty opposing oilsands development

Indigenous leaders say they plan to challenge the use of their lands for the expanded production of Alberta’s oilsands  More

Bomb threat shuts down Nunavut schools temporarily

Nunavut RCMP say the treat was a hoax  More

PEI schools reopen after bomb threat prompts provincewide evacuation

PEI Premier Wade MacLauchlan says response was ‘effective and co-ordinated’  More