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Dedication ceremony held at Disher dog park

Carol Disher’s legacy as a community advocate and avid dog lover was reaffirmed with a dedication ceremony Friday naming a local park in her honour.  More

Charity hopes to build bridges in Africa

Imagine your child is sick or needs to go to school and the only way to travel is by foot.  More

Refugee hopes to bring husband to Welland

When the gates of Gaza opened last December a 25-year-old pregnant woman, along with her two young children and her mother, seized the opportunity to escape a country which felt more like a prison.  More

Wynne announces $26 M for GE plant

Calling it “the next generation of manufacturing,” Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne announced a $26.5- million Jobs and Prosperity Fund grant for General Electric’s planned factory on Silverthorn Street in Welland.  More

Teen with arthritis making best of summer

Jessi Hough’s summer hasn’t turned out too badly after all.  More

Lincoln man arrested for fleeing police

A Lincoln resident finds himself facing multiple charges after a traffic stop near the Seaway Mall in Welland on Thursday night.  More

Wainfleet lifts burning ban

Wainfleet has finally gotten enough rain to lift the burning ban that has been in place since late June.  More

Long lines for snacks and sneakers

How long would you wait in line for a pair a shoes?  More

Farm fined $18,000 in worker's death

The owner of a Pelham maple syrup farm was fined $18,000 Friday in the death of a 36-year-old worker last year.  More

Liberals deny Falls council's Craitor request

The Ontario Liberal Caucus has denied Niagara Falls city council's request to Premier Kathleen Wynne to release the investigation report she said was done into sexual harassment allegations against former Niagara Falls MPP Kim Craitor.  More

Night life inspires Niagara writer’s new CBC show

This year there will be an estimated 430 to 450 scripted shows on TV, according to research by the FX network. Former Niagara Falls resident Ira Parker's new CBC show Four In the Morning is one of them.  More

Whirlpool Adventure Course waiting for approvals

A specific date has yet to be announced for the opening of Wildplay's Whirlpool Adventure Course in Niagara Falls."We don't have anything right now, we're still waiting for approval from TSSA (Technical Standards & Safety Authority)," said Lindsay DiCosimo, marketing and communications manager for WildPlay.According to the TSSA website, they are th  More

Police offer reward for murder case

Toronto police are hoping a composite sketch of a suspect and a $50,000 reward will turn up information that will help them solve the two-year-old murder of former Niagara Falls resident Jelena Loncar.Police say Loncar, 32, was an innocent bystander when she was shot to death outside of a nightclub near Wellington Street and Spadina Avenue shortly  More

Power of social media shames thief

A Niagara Falls woman's plea that she was harassed on social media after photographs of her stealing a wallet were posted online fell on deaf ears, Friday.  More

Booze, tobacco smuggler spared fine

A Cambridge man, who used bungee cords to attach bottles of liquor to the engine compartment of his truck to avoid paying taxes at the border, also avoided a financial penalty.  More

Man charged in Toronto crossbow killings is a convicted bank robber

Brett Ryan

A Toronto man charged with first-degree murder in the crossbow killing of a woman and her two adult sons had prior convictions for bank robbery.


36 coffins in a gymnasium: An Italian town mourns its earthquake victims

Italy coffins

In the Italian town of Ascoli Piceno, 36 coffins laid out in a cavernous gymnasium bear the remains of some of the more than 280 people who died in Wednesday's earthquake.


Manitoba men weep after learning they were switched at birth 41 years ago

Switched At Birth 20160826

Leon Swanson and David Tait Jr. are 41 years old and have just learned they're not exactly who they thought they were.


How Jackson Hole, Wyo., became the anti-Davos


A fishing hole in the middle of Wyoming might not be the first place that leaps to mind when one thinks of venues for major world economic conferences, but the bucolic scene of Jackson Hole is just that. Once a year, the global elite descend on the area to listen to what the U.S. central banker has to say.


Liberals unveil new UN peacekeeping force with hundreds of troops, police officers

Peacekeeping Canada 20160826

Canada will commit roughly half a billion dollars towards UN peace support operations over the next few years, a commitment that includes hundreds of troops and police officers. The announcement is being made at an air base in Bagotville, Que.


'This is not OK': N.L. newspaper uses front page to blast sexist 'trolls'

NL Feminist Backlash 20160826

The St. John's Telegram — which calls itself the People's Paper — used its front page Friday to respond to recent online harassment of one of its female journalists.


Alberta premier says government will 'recalibrate' if budget plans don't work

Notley ribbon cutting

With a record deficit approaching $11 billion, Premier Rachel Notley for the first time on Friday said her government may have to "re-calibrate" its plan to deal with the worst economic downturn the province has seen in 30 years.


The burkini is an option, not oppression, say those opposed to ban


The recent court decision overturning one French town's ban on the burkini is unlikely to put the debate about the body-concealing swimwear to rest. Some of those who have decried the ban say all the controversy won't stop women from wearing what they want.


Canada Post countdown underway even as two sides in mediation

Letter Carriers Attacked 20150305

With the clock ticking toward a potential work stoppage at Canada Post, lawyer and author William Kaplan was appointed Friday to seek an end to the months-long labour dispute at the Crown agency.


Ashton Larmond sentenced to 17 years, twin gets 7 years for terror-related offences

Ashton Larmond, Carlos Larmond, Suliman Mohamed plead guilty court sketches

Three Ottawa men who conspired to commit terrorism have pleaded guilty and have been sentenced in Ontario Superior Court, with the alleged ringleader, Ashton Larmond, facing the stiffest penalty.


KFC denies secret chicken recipe has been revealed


KFC says a recipe published in the Chicago Tribune is not authentic. But that hasn't stopped rampant online speculation that one of the most legendary and closely guarded secrets in the history of fast food has been exposed.


Buried 'super-henge' near Stonehenge didn't contain giant stones

Monument at Durrington Walls

A dig where researchers last year said they had detected a "major new prehistoric stone monument" buried near Stonehenge has revealed something quite different than expected.


Stephen Harper leaves politics, gives up House of Commons seat


Nearly a year after his federal election defeat, former prime minister Stephen Harper finally signalled the resignation of his House of Commons seat Friday, ending a career in politics that spanned more than two decades.


Most Canadian heist? Goalie swipes cases of brew from beer store

Goalie bandit

RCMP in Manitoba have posted a YouTube video of two men, one of whom is dressed in beer-league goalie equipment, who smashed their way into a vendor and made off with cases of brewskies.


After Olympic glory, retiring athletes often need help finding their way

olympic rowing 2012

For many Olympians, the real agony doesn't come from defeat but from having to say goodbye to a sport they loved and dedicated the better part of their lives to.


A Canadian businessman’s fight to get his Mexican hotel back

Canadian was among more than a dozen hoteliers and entrepreneurs evicted on June 17 in a land dispute, Mexican media reports say  More

Ontario PC leader Patrick Brown promises to scrap sex-ed curriculum

Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown is making a hard-right turn, promising to scrap Ontario's Liberal government's new sexual education curriculum on the eve of a close-fought Toronto by-election.  More

Véronique Hivon drops out of PQ leadership race due to health issues

Hivon’s campaign says she has an acute viral infection  More

Three Ottawa men sentenced on terrorism-related charges

The group, including twin brothers, was arrested in 2015 as part of an RCMP investigation  More

100 years after disappearing, Berlin (Ontario) shows signs of revival

100 years ago, the historical reality of Berlin was wiped away from memory, and the city we call Kitchener came into being. Now, John Allemang finds signs of a Germanic revival  More

‘I want answers so bad': Manitoba First Nations men angry over birth mix-up

Incident appears to be the second birth mix-up at the same federally run hospital during the mid-1970s  More

Labour Minister appoints author as mediator for Canada Post dispute

William Kaplan has been appointed to try to bring an end to the months-long labour dispute at Canada Post  More

Environment Canada confirms two tornadoes hit Windsor area

The tornadoes had wind speeds of between 135 and 175 kilometres per hour Wednesday night  More

U.S. border agents rescue Canadians from Ontario house fire

It was just after 1 a.m. Thursday when U.S. Border Patrol marine units based in Buffalo, N.Y., noticed a house on fire on the Canadian shoreline near Niagara Falls, Ont.  More

Back to school in Fort McMurray: Grads get prom, others return to counselling

Four months after the fire forced more than 80,000 residents to flee and destroyed 2,400 homes and buildings, students in Fort McMurray are preparing to head back for another year of classes.  More

One in five Canadian extremist travellers is a woman, federal report says

In some cases women have taken their children to conflict zones, says the annual assessment of the terrorist threat.  More

How a self-represented inmate fought and won release from solitary

Matthew Hamm has been in jail for over half his life and has battled mental-health issues, but argued in an Alberta Court that the Edmonton Institution unlawfully placed him and three other inmates in the ‘hole’  More

U.S. Surgeon-General urges doctors to help end opioid crisis

Vivek Murthy will send letters to some 2.3 million health care professionals this week – the first time he has directly sought their support to address a public health crisis  More

Canada won’t see inflated EpiPen prices: allergy official

While the cost of the rescue medication is skyrocketing in the U.S., regulations north of the border make the same ‘price gouging’ unlikely  More

Trial of activist who gave water to pigs puts spotlight on meat industry rules

Woman charged for giving water to abattoir-bound animals, but meat production rules also questioned  More

Liberals replacing Harper Tories’ anti-terror project with new program

Initiative to be replaced by advisory role with intent to get civil servants, academics, religious and ethnic communities to work together to find ways to deal with extremists  More

First Nations communities upset with Health Canada over memo

Government backtracks on plan to temporarily close two nursing stations with only a few days warning  More

Five years after asbestos mine closure, Quebec town seeks new identity

Asbestos is looking to move on from the industry that supported it for more than a century  More

Federal government won’t criminalize cellphone use at the wheel

The federal government is not considering making cellphone use at the wheel a criminal offence.  More

Hearings begin in Quebec to determine who knew what regarding sale of Rona

The former chief of staff to a cabinet minister who has just resigned contradicted his ex-boss Thursday at a special legislature hearing into the controversial purchase of hardware firm Rona Inc. by Lowe’s.  More

Hoskins to OMA: If you want binding arbitration, do you want to unionize?

To become a formal union, doctors would have to disclose salaries  More

Two more men from Manitoba First Nation switched at birth: family

This is the second such alleged mix-up in the mid-1970s at the Norway House Cree Nation  More

Ontario contributes additional $1.55-million to refugee supports

More than 12,000 Syrian refugees have settled in Ontario since November, 2015  More

Canadian found among dead in Italy earthquake

A Canadian is among at least 241 killed in the 6.2-magnitude earthquake that struck Italy on Wednesday, the Canadian government has confirmed.  More

Winnipeg police seek suspect after backpack explodes outside courthouse

Police say man placed backpack outside courthouse, lit it on fire and took off  More

Investigations launched into collapse of wind turbine in Cape Breton

Incident is believed to be the first of its kind in Canada  More

Environment Canada confirms tornado hit Windsor, Ont., area

Strength of the storm isn't yet known  More

Saskatchewan not doing enough to address racism, First Nations chief says

Chief Bobby Cameron seeks race-relations studies as part of school curriculum  More

Opioid overuse is creating ‘lost generation,’ expert says

Dr. Gary Franklin said two people an hour are dying of opioids misuse in the United States, and the problem is likely as bad, if not worse, in Canada  More