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#NiagaraVotes Chat with the Candidate: Krystina Waler, Conservative Party of Canada

Krystina Waler chats with Standard reporter Grant LaFleche

Reporter Grant LaFleche chats with St. Catharines Conservative Party candidate Krystina Waler Stay tuned for interviews with other candidates from the riding: Saturday: NDP Dennis Van Meer Tuesday: Liberal Chris Bittle Wednesday: Green Party


#NiagaraVotes Chat with the Candidate: Travis Mason, Green Party

Reporter Grant LaFleche chats with St. Catharines Green Party Candidate Travis Mason Stay tuned for interviews with other candidates from the riding: Saturday: NDP Dennis Van Meer Tuesday: Liberal Chris Bittle TODAY: Green Party Travis Mason


#NiagaraVotes Chat with the Candidate: Chris Bittle, Liberal

Chris Bittle

Reporter Grant LaFleche chats with St. Catharines Liberal candidate Chris Bittle Stay tuned for interviews with other candidates from the riding: Saturday: NDP Dennis Van Meer TODAY: Liberal Chris Bittle Wednesday: Green Party Travis Maso


#NiagaraVotes Chat with the Candidate: Dennis Van Meer, NDP

 The Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce held its St. Catharines debate Monday evening at the Holiday Inn & Suites Parkway Conference Centre. Green Party candidate Travis Mason, the NDP's Dennis Van Meer, Liberal incumbent Chris BIttle, People's Party Allan deRoo and Conservative candidate Krystina Waler.

Reporter Grant LaFleche chats with St. Catharines NDP candidate Dennis Van Meer.


Hackers invited to solve farming issues at Beamsville event:Agritech Hackathon marries coding enthusiasts with agricultural sector

 The town of Lincoln and Spark Niagara are hosting an Agritech Hackathon in October. In the photo is Francia Salazar and Nicole Smith.

This October the worms, beetles and bugs that can drive farmers crazy will meet a formidable match: computer hackers.


Operation heath care reform:An investigation by The St. Catharines Standard and The Hamilton Spectator provides comprehensive coverage of the health reforms considered the biggest change since Medicare.

It’s hard to guess what the journey of patients like Pat Coffer will look like after the Progressive Conservative’s massive health-care restructuring.

An investigation by The St. Catharines Standard and The Hamilton Spectator provides comprehensive coverage of the health reforms considered the biggest change since Medicare.


Operation Health Care Reform: guide to the series

The provincial government is undertaking a sweeping overhaul of the health-care system


Binbrook craft cider business vehicle torched by vandals:Aaron Post unsure why he was targeted

Aaron Post's 1947 GMC flatbed was gutted in an apparent act of arson overnight on July 16.

Earlier this summer, 23-year-old Aaron Post opened his dream business, the aptly named Tall Post Craft Cider, fermenting more than 25 hard apple ciders, infused with fruit from the Niagara Region.


BREAKING - ALL THE CHAIR'S MEN: Ombudsman finished Niagara Region CAO investigation:Provincial watchdog preparing draft report to send to Region for comments

After 10 months, more than 45 interviews and a review of thousands of documents, Ontario's Ombudsman says he has finished his investigation into the tainted 2016 hiring of Niagara Region's chief administrative officer and his secret, lucrative contr


Banks deny compensation when hackers steal customers' money

Sunjit Lidhar

A Vancouver-area man is speaking out after hackers broke into his bank account, stole $5,000 and Scotiabank refused to reimburse him. As organized cybercrimals increasingly target Canada’s banks, a public policy researcher says they need to bear the cost when their systems are compromised.


On final day of campaign, party leaders square off in Metro Vancouver

scheer singh may trudeau composite

The contenders in Monday's federal election are out today staging one final, frantic barrage of sales pitches before voters go to the polls, and they're doing it in and around Vancouver, where a host of seats are still up for grabs.


The National

The National

Welcome to The National, the flagship nightly newscast of CBC News


Trudeau, Scheer attend B.C. rallies on final day of campaigning

six leaders

Here's what you need to know about where the leaders of Canada's political parties are on Day 40 - the final day of the election campaign.


In 2019, Justin Trudeau has baggage - and faces a very different political landscape

FedElxn Liberals 20191017

For Justin Trudeau, winning re-election was never going to be easy. But along with the baggage that comes with government - and Trudeau's own public pratfalls - the Liberals have had to cope with a markedly diminished margin of error.


What you need to know to vote in Canada's federal election

Voter Guide CBC News Federal Election

From what ID to bring to a polling station to what to do if you see something suspect, here's what you need to know before you vote in this fall's federal election.


Moncton airport resumes normal operations after fake bomb threat

Greater Moncton International Airport

Greater Moncton Roméo LeBlanc International Airport resumed normal operations on Sunday following a fake bomb threat that triggered an evacuation and RCMP investigation.


Scheer, Trudeau warn voting Bloc will lead to another Quebec independence referendum

FedElxn Campaign 20191010

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer adopted a sharp tone Sunday in his final news conference of the election campaign, warning that returning more Bloc Québécois MPs will result in another referendum on independence in Quebec.


As election day nears, what's stopping me from voting twice?

Election test

More answers to your election questions ahead of voting day including dying after voting and how campaigns use teleprompters.


Turkey 'outsourcing war crimes' to armed groups, Amnesty says after Kurdish politician's murder

Hevrin Khalaf

Kurdish politician Hevrin Khalaf was killed, and her body mutilated, in the early days of Turkey's military incursion in northern Syria. A human rights group says her death is an example of war crimes carried out by Turkish-backed Syrian armed groups.


Inside 48 hours and a momentum shift on the Conservative campaign

FedElxn Conservatives 20191019

Andrew Scheer and his team appeared relaxed and quietly confident late last week, dancing at a Nova Scotia rally and joking with reporters. But amid a dramatic push to sharpen his message and build momentum to Election Day, bold claims and a Friday night surprise created some tension.


Could the Royal Family shrink?


Over the years, there have been signs of a gradual streamlining of the House of Windsor, but there has been little recently to rival the straight-up announcement coming out of another royal household the other day.


NDP asks Elections Canada to provide special ballots for evacuees in Manitoba

FedElxn Nominations 20191003

The federal NDP is asking Elections Canada to make special accommodations to help ensure hundreds of evacuees from First Nation communities can vote tomorrow, following a crippling snowstorm that has thrown Manitoba into a state of emergency. 


Green Leader Elizabeth May promises electoral reform, lowering voting age to 16

FedElxn Greens 20191016

Green Leader Elizabeth May said in a release Sunday that if her party is elected Monday, it will make sure this is the last federal government in Canada chosen by the first-past-the-post system.


Trump drops plan to host G7 at his own golf resort


Responding to stinging criticism, U.S. President Donald Trump on Saturday abruptly reversed his plan to hold the next Group of Seven world leaders' meeting at his Doral, Florida, golf resort next year.


From student debt to Indigenous reconciliation, here's what is driving young first-time voters to the polls

Advance vote

The youth vote was largely credited with deciding the 2015 federal election. Will that happen again? Here’s what a diverse group of first-time young voters thinks about the current federal election and how politicians are addressing the issues that matter to them.


Malcolm Gladwell on why it's so tricky detecting liars based on behaviour

Malcolm Gladwell Talking to Strangers

People who think they're good at determining whether someone is lying based on their behavioural cues are most likely deceiving themselves, says author Malcolm Gladwell, adding that our inability to accurately read some people can lead to a lot of problems.


Why some experts say a law created to prevent duelling is a threat to free speech

SCOC Libel Defence 20180511

Canada's defamatory libel laws are often seen as an obscure legal relic. But one researcher says prosecutions using the charge have climbed steadily in recent years — and she says that's a problem when the law presents an intrusion on freedom of expression and leaves the door open for abuse.


Air Canada plans gender-neutral greeting, Porter, United create gender X category 

Gemma Hickey

There's a growing recognition — including in the airline industry — that some people don't identify as male or female. However, most airlines still require passengers to designate themselves that way when booking flights. Activists say this needs to change.