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Decew Falls: Rescues of tumblers on the rise

Rescues at Decew Falls in St. Catharines continue to climb — and national articles promoting the swimming hole aren’t helping matters, the fire chief says.  More

Niagara on nuclear waste route

Trucks loaded with liquid nuclear waste could be rolling down highways within days – likely travelling through Niagara on their way into the United States.  More

New attractions at Marshville

Orval Storey spent most of his life running a garage in Chambers Corners.  More

Niagara's Biolyse still upset after contract loss

An official at Biolyse Pharma remains frustrated after a debriefing on why his company lost a bid to supply a cancer drug to southern Ontario cancer centres.  More

UPDATE: Niagara police bust cocaine ring

Eight people face charges and a large quantity of drugs and weapons were seized after police conducted early morning raids across Niagara as part of a five-month investigation into cocaine trafficking.  More

Niagara Greek Festival back with extended dates

There will be more time to enjoy spanikopita and souvlaki now that the Niagara Greek Festival has extended their dates.  More

End of an era for Block Parent safe home program

Twenty years ago, the iconic red and white signs were on display in the front windows of more than 800 homes across Niagara Falls.  More

Initiative plans to befriend strangers

With the influx of refugees to Niagara Region there has also been an increase in the need for assistance.  More

M.T. Bellies helps with back-to-school

The Education Foundation of Niagara has teamed up with M.T. Bellies and Staples Business Depot in Welland for a back-to-school event.  More

Merritton carnival comeback

Doug Schroeder has news for the family from Kingston who were disappointed they couldn’t find the Merritton Lions Club carnival last year.  More

Pelham High staff, students reuniting

Staff and students from the long-closed Pelham High School are meeting up for the 9th school reunion.  More

Laundry room fire smokes out Canal Inn

Welland Fire and Emergency Services responded to a fire just before 10 a.m. at Canal Inn in Welland on Wednesday morning.  More

Gale Centre benefit for family of drowned Falls toddler

As a spiritual medium in Niagara Falls, Amber Price deals with the aftermath of death most every day. People wanting contact. People wanting answers. But sometimes, she can't offer answers. She can only try to help.  More

Marianas Trench coming to Meridian Centre

Marianas Trench is heading back to Niagara.  More

Photo: Good weather good business

Traffic is heavy and the streets and walkways along the Niagara Parkway are packed, as visitors to Niagara Falls continue to enjoy the hot weather and sunny skies of the summer of 2016.  More

Trump outlines hardline position on illegal immigration in speech

Campaign 2016 Trump

U.S. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump vowed on Wednesday that anyone who is in the United States illegally would be subject to deportation if he is elected, stressing his hardline position after flirting with a softer approach.


100 calls a minute, $50K a month: Inside the CRA scam

keith tauro cra scam

Like many Canadians, Toronto police officer Keith Tauro recently got a voicemail message, part of an ongoing scam, saying he owed the government money. He decided to call the scammer back — and convinced the man at the other end of the phone to tell him just how his operation works.


Husband, father speaks after losing half his family in Markham crash

Savani Guruge

Monday morning started off like any other work day for Pradeep Guruge, but it ended with the loss of his wife and one of his daughters in a horrific car crash. Guruge spoke to CBC News about his family's loss.


Health Canada cracking down on chemicals used to make fentanyl


As the country grapples with a growing number of opioid-related deaths, Health Canada is making six chemicals used in the production of the potent drug fentanyl illegal.


Andrea Giesbrecht trial: Husband says wife wore 'boring' clothing

Andrea Giesbrecht

The trial of Andrea Giesbrecht, who is accused of concealing the remains of six infants in a Winnipeg storage locker, will hear closing arguments on Friday after the final witness — her husband — finished testifying today.


Canada to announce the opening of 7 new visa offices in China

China Canada

Canada's ambassador to China says the government will announce that seven additional visa offices will open in the country.


Brett Ryan, charged in crossbow killings, had history of 'unhealthy romantic relationships'

Engagement photo for Brett Ryan

The man charged with killing his mother and two brothers in the so-called crossbow slayings turned to robbing banks in 2009 to pay more than $60,000 in debts he'd largely accrued in two romantic relationships, according to parole and bankruptcy documents.


Mexico contradicts Donald Trump on paying for border wall


Donald Trump travelled to Mexico on Wednesday to meet President Enrique Pena Nieto, saying the subject of a border wall to control illegal immigration came up, but the two "didn't discuss" who would pay for it. Pena Nieto later contradicted that claim.


Syria, ISIS must be held to account for chemical weapons use, says Dion


The federal government wants officials in the Syrian regime who orchestrated a series of chemical weapons attacks on their own people to be prosecuted under international law.


Ontario man to clone his 'very nurturing' dog Woofie


An Ontario man is cloning his much-loved dog, Woofie, because he says the dog saved his life.


No confidence? Spain's PM faces uphill battle to govern

Spain Election

Spain's prime minister lost a confidence vote Wednesday. If he loses another on Friday, a third election in the space of a year could be in the cards — on Christmas Day.


Careful, but not daunted: Chief commissioner says be patient in expecting news from MMIW

MMIW Inquiry 20160803

The chief commissioner of the inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls in Canada says it could be a while before the panel will have much to reveal about its work.


3 ways to improve our democracy without changing how we vote: Aaron Wherry

Electoral Reform 20160728

On Tuesday morning, the special Commons committee on electoral reform was presented with a novel idea: perhaps our democracy could be significantly improved without blowing up the basic system we use to elect our representatives.


So we've found a 'nearby' Earth-like exoplanet. What'll it take to get there?

Breakthrough Starshot

Scientists recently announced they had found an Earth-like planet in the star system next door. What will it take to send spacecraft there? And how close are we?


'Peace treaty' at Canada Post only delays the inevitable, says business group

Canada Post 20160830

Canada Post will be forced to confront lost business, a massive pension shortfall and a parliamentary review of its operations in the coming years, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business says.


New Brock University president’s sudden departure raises gender issues

Observers wonder if gender played a role in Wendy Cukier’s departure, as more women presidents than men found to be terminated from universities early  More

Nine things to know about the national inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women

For years, Canada’s indigenous women have been disappearing and dying at alarming rates. Today, the commission is probing the systemic causes behind that violence  More

Families to speak out about policing in missing and murdered women inquiry

Chief commissioner of inquiry knows the weight of ‘responsibility’ she faces and she assures victims’ families that their concerns will be examined  More

Minister Jean-Yves Duclos caught in dispute to paint rusted Quebec Bridge

Appointed as Minister of Families, Children and Social Development last November, the rookie cabinet minister says the issue has consumed a lot of his energy  More

Acclaimed novelist William Edwin Bell wrote of teen angst

While teaching in China, the author began a dangerous romance with a married student whom he helped move to Canada  More

Ontario addresses math score decline amid worry from parents, educators

Ontario now requires 60 minutes of math education every day, but some critics say we need more than time to solve the problem  More

Olympian Jen Kish blasts Alberta Opposition leader for ‘beat Notley’ joke

Jean said in a statement that he made an ‘inappropriate attempt at humour’  More

Justin Trudeau debuts on Marvel cover with Canadian superheroes, Iron Man

Trudeau appears on the variant cover of issue No. 5 of Marvel’s Civil War II: Choosing Sides  More

Newfoundland to provide naloxone kits to counter opioid overdoses

About 1,200 naloxone kits will be given out at a cost of $180,000  More

What the U-turn on sex-ed says about Patrick Brown

If the PC leader lacks the compass to come down clearly on this fairly straightforward issue, will he be able to respond quickly to more complex ones?  More

Ontario Liberals block opposition bid to toughen campaign finance rules

The committee reviewing Premier Kathleen Wynne’s campaign finance law, Bill 201 voted on Monday and Tuesday  More

What’s really behind China’s decision to restrict canola: science or politics?

Industry experts and scientists are leery about China’s latest move to restrict canola imports on disease concerns  More

Ottawa drops appeal of ruling that gave no jail time to aboriginal man

The reason for the decision is unclear, but could potentially signal the revival of conditional sentences within the system  More

Canada Post, workers' union reach tentative deals to avoid job action

The negotiations were extended twice since the weekend, when a deadline expired on a 72-hour job action notice issued last Thursday by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers.  More

Dominican police arrest 15-year-old girl in slaying of Canadian man

Police spokesman says girl admitted to fatally stabbing 81-year-old John Verne Ward  More

Federal documents point to funding problem in aboriginal student fund

Federal review suggest support program needs more money to keep up with rising tuition costs  More

Armed forces investigating deaths of four military college students, grads

Four men, students or recent graduates from the Royal Military College, have died since April  More

Day parole extended for man convicted in ‘Toronto 18’ plot

Saad Gaya’s statutory release date is in January, 2017  More

Impossible to tell from remains in locker how babies died: pathologist

Dr. Michael Pollanen said at the trial that the state of decomposition makes it impossible to determine the cause of death  More

Canadian Armed Forces see spike in sexual misconduct complaints

Increase attributed to new complaint system, but changing ‘sexualized culture’ seen as long process  More

Provincial by-election in Scarborough a three-way battleground

What was once a Liberal stronghold is now a tight race, as the Liberals face anger over government baggage  More

Jailed Canadian prof in Iran can 'hardly walk or talk,' say relatives

Family of Homa Hoodfar said she had to be hospitalized as her condition worsened since being held after June 6 at Tehran’s Evin Prison  More

Saskatoon couple responds with sarcasm when asked by CRA to prove they have children - again

Devin Dubois and his wife got a letter telling them to prove that they have children or their child benefits would be cut off.  More

Indigenous headdresses distributed on first day at Montreal elementary school, prompting outrage

Jennifer Dorner said she found the scene in the Montreal schoolyard distressing and offensive and posted a photo and commentary on Facebook, where it began making the rounds.  More

Ontario PC leader Patrick Brown won’t ‘scrap’ Ontario sex-ed curriculum

Progressive Conservative leader backtracks on letter that said he would ‘scrap the controversial changes to sex ed’  More

Caribou herd in Labrador may not recover from rapid decline: biologists

Herd has fewer than 9,000 remaining, down from 800,000 in 1990s  More

Peacekeeping expected to cost less than non-UN missions

UN reimburses countries that provide soldiers to peacekeeping missions  More

Rates of shelter use higher for indigenous people, study shows

Federal review finds aboriginals over-represented in homeless shelters  More

CMHC-insured mortgage arrears in Alberta increase by more than 50 per cent

Payments on almost 1,500 mortgages in Alberta were three months or more overdue as of June 30, agency said  More