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A controversial end to a controversial regional council:Caslin casts deciding vote to send embattled CAO on tax-payer funded trade mission to China

In his final act as regional chair Alan Caslin, left, voted Thursday night to send CAO Carmen D'Angelo, to China on a trade mission.  Photo by Bob Tymczyszyn

Niagara's regional council ended its term Thursday night the same way it began four years ago - with controversy. Alan Caslin's final act as regional chair was to cast a tie-breaking vote to allow regional chief administrative officer Carmen D'Ang



A weathered missing persons poster of Ashley Simpson is tacked to a post on Yankee Flats Road, not far from where she lived in Salmon Arm, B.C. The St. Catharines woman has been missing since April. Photo by Grant LaFleche

In 2016, St. Catharines woman Ashley Simpson vanished near the mountain town of Salmon Arm, B.C. No trace of her has been found since. St. Catharines Standard investigative reporter Grant LaFleche followed Simpson's trailer from Niagara, to northern B.C. and to Salmon Arm to discover what happened to Simpson.



Live coverage of the 2018 municipal election brought to you by The Standard, The Review, The Tribune and Niagara College Starting at 7 p.m.


Saudi teen granted asylum in Canada gets 24-hour security amid online threats

Rahaf Mohammed

A Saudi teen who fled alleged abuse by her family considers herself "one of the lucky ones" now that she has arrived as a refugee in Canada, but the agency tasked with getting her settled has still arranged 24-hour security for her in the wake of online threats.


Cache of ammunition, 9/11-conspiracy films seized from Danforth shooter's home, documents reveal

Faisal Hussain Danforth shooting gunman high school photo

Nearly six months after the deadly Danforth Avenue shooting rampage, newly released details from court documents reveal a startling amount of ammunition was found in the Toronto apartment of gunman Faisal Hussain, along with a number of DVDs by the American conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.


Theresa May faces non-confidence vote after MPs reject Brexit deal

may brexit parliament

Lawmakers in the U.K. have dealt a crushing defeat to Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal, throwing Britain's exit from the European Union into renewed turmoil and setting the stage for a non-confidence vote tomorrow in the British Parliament.


Canadians weighed down by lines of credit they don't understand

Home Sales 20171102

Over the past 15 years, home equity lines of credit have emerged as the driver of mounting non-mortgage debt in Canada — yet many Canadians don't understand what they've signed up for and are not moving to pay them off, a new survey suggests.


Trudeau takes unscripted questions at St. Catharines, Ont., town hall

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau kicked off the third leg of his national town hall tour tonight in St. Catharines, Ont., where he took unvetted questions from Canadians.


The National

The National

Welcome to The National, the flagship nightly newscast of CBC News


Canada asks China's ambassador for clemency in case of death-row Canadian

Freeland 20181212

Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland has reached out to China's ambassador to ask for clemency in the case of Canadian Robert Lloyd Schellenberg, who is facing the death penalty for allegedly smuggling 222 kilograms of methamphetamines.


Attorney general nominee William Barr says he 'will not be bullied' in a Trump White House

Senate Attorney General

U.S. President Donald Trump's nominee for attorney general, William Barr, told lawmakers on Tuesday he would protect a federal probe into Russian election meddling from political pressure, stressing he would bring independence to the job and not shy away from breaking ranks with the administration.


Kenya hotel attack may not be over as renewed gunfire heard

Kenya Attack

There are indications an attack on a Nairobi hotel may not be over. More than 12 hours after the initial explosions and gunfire, a first responder reported renewed gunfire and explosions coming from the complex.


Gillette earns kudos and criticism for tackling toxic masculinity in new ad

Gillette screengrab

Personal grooming company Gillette has drawn a lot of attention for its latest ad campaign, which urges men to take a more active role in fighting toxic masculinity.


While procedural concerns are common in China, Schellenberg's death sentence is clearly political

China Canada

Schellenberg's Canadian citizenship is inseparable from the handling of his case. But concerns about the fairness of court proceedings in China are not unique to cases involving diplomatic rows.


The magnetic north pole is moving, causing navigation issues


In recent decades, the Earth's magnetic north pole has drifted rapidly from Canada's coast toward Russia, causing navigation issues. That has prompted the U.S. military to ask scientists to compensate for its changing position.


NDP puts off winter caucus meeting to focus on Singh's byelection campaign

NDP Singh Byelection 20190112

The NDP has postponed its winter caucus meeting to free up MPs to help leader Jagmeet SIngh campaign in the Burnaby South byelection, CBC News has learned.


Saudi man facing sexual assault charge in N.S. 'fled' after embassy posted bail

Sydney Justice Centre

A 28-year-old Saudi man charged with sexually assaulting a Cape Breton woman has gone missing, with a leading immigration lawyer saying it may be a case of the Middle Eastern kingdom helping a citizen flee while awaiting trial.


An inside look at the progress of Indigenous leaders to purchase the Trans Mountain expansion pipeline


Indigenous leaders will debate this week which financial model is ideal if they are able to purchase the Trans Mountain expansion pipeline project.


Deal or no deal: From Brexit's expected cost, to bracing for potential breakup chaos


A closer look at the day's most notable stories with The National's Jonathon Gatehouse: the numbers behind Brexit, deal or no deal; Theresa May has a long night ahead, no matter which way the Brexit-deal vote goes; Britons are stockpiling goods in case Brexit plunges the economy into chaos.


Cabinet shuffle shows reconciliation no longer priority for Trudeau, say Indigenous advocates

Indigenous Rights 20180214

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's decision to break up the "dream team" that was leading the work of mending Canada's relationship with Indigenous Peoples is triggering concerns Ottawa is pulling back on its reconciliation agenda.


2018 was the worst year for Canada's housing market since 2012

Toronto real estate sign

The average Canadian home sold in December cost $472,000, a figure that declined by almost five per cent in 2018.


Plants sprout on moon for 1st time as part of Chinese space mission

China moon seeds

Cotton seeds carried by China's Chang'e-4 moon probe have become the first biological matter to grow on the moon.


Why the Liberals can't afford to ignore rural Canada

Tax Changes Manitoba 20170922

In Monday's cabinet shuffle, the Liberals moved to address their rural shortcomings ahead of October's federal election.