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FIBA tips off in downtown St. Catharines

The FIBA U18 Americas Championship 2018  kicked off Saturday in downtown St. Catharines with wheelchair basketball games, pony rides, music and bouncy castles.

The FIBA U18 Americas Championship 2018 kicked off Saturday in downtown St. Catharines with wheelchair basketball games, pony rides, music and bouncy castles. The tournament starts Sunday.


Live Coverage of provincial election results:Niagara votes 2018

Our live coverage of election results begins at 8:30 p.m. Polls close at 9 p.m. Reporter Grant LaFleche hosts our livestream broadcast to bring you elections results from across Niagara. Join the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #


Wynne's concession relief to Liberal candidates, says Bradley:Long time Garden City MPP says Wynne's unpopularity was hurting candidates

Relief. That is how Jim Bradley, the elder statesman of the Liberal Party of Ontario, described the unprecedented electoral gambit of his party's leader and the province's premier. On Saturday, with polls showing her party in the basement with l


Few attend lackluster St. Catharines riding debate

St. Catharines riding candidates debate some of the issues during a GNCC hosted debate Tuesday night. From the left are Sandie Bellows, PC, Saleh Waziruddin, Com, Jim Bradley, Lib (incumbent), Colin Ryrie, Green, Jim Fannon, NoA, and Jennie Stevens, NDP

There were few fireworks during a sparsely attended all candidates debate for the provincial riding of St. Catharines Tuesday evening, with candidates hewing closely to scripted talking points and party platform planks. About 50 people showed up t


Actor, businessman offers cash to attend Falls council meeting:On Facebook, Kevin Jacobi said he wants Thundering Waters debate free of emotional outbursts from protesters

Niagara Falls city council chambers.

A St. Catharines actor and Niagara Falls business person offered $50 to people to attend a Niagara Falls City Council Tuesday night to ensure the debate over the controversial Thundering Waters development proposal isn't disrupted by "emotional publ


St. Catharines rejects request from bridge task force:Mayor: 'We have done nothing wrong'

File photo of Burgoyne Bridge in St. Catharines from March 2017.

St. Catharines city council has rejected a request from members of Niagara Region’s Burgoyne Bridge Task Force to investigate their own investigation related to the bridge project’s massive cost overruns. Calling the region’s request a “deflection


SPECIAL REPORT: D’Angelo wanted Standard editor replaced, email shows:Several politicians accused paper of ‘manufacturing the news’ in 2015 meeting with Postmedia boss

Niagara Region CAO Carmen D'Angelo speaks with Fort Erie Coun. Sandy Annunziata during the April 12 regional council meeting. Regional Chair Alan Caslin stands behind him.

More than a year before he became the chief administrative officer at Niagara Region where he would preside over the unlawful seizure of a reporter's computer and notes, Carmen D'Angelo urged the owners of the St. Catharines Standard to replace its


Historic materials from former church up for grabs

An 11-foot stained glass window from the former historic Welland Avenue United Church is one of the items being sold by Community Living St. Catharines starting Friday April 27. Photo submitted.

Historic stained glass windows, bricks, metal and slate from the former Welland Avenue United Church are being offered for sale to the public starting today. The 1877-era church on the corner of Welland Avenue and Henry Street has undergone massive


Inside the Newsroom Podcast: Whistleblowers, anonymous sources and verification:Episode 2 of podcast takes you inside journalism.

Investigative journalism is often a process of taking two steps forward, only to have to take one back and navigate unexpected twists and turns. In Episode 2 of the Inside the Newsroom podcast series, reporters Grant LaFleche, Karena Walter and Bill


Sendzik, Caslin at odds over rental housing bylaw:Mayor says regional chair has a "tin ear" when it comes to poverty issues

Regional chair Alan Caslin has waded into the debate over a proposed rental housing licensing bylaw in St. Catharines, triggering a sharp response from Mayor Walter Sendzik. In an email sent to city councillors from his Sympatico email address on


Opioid death toll in Canada nearly 4,000 last year, new data show

Opioid Epidemic 20180619

New government figures show that nearly 4,000 Canadians died from apparent opioid overdoses last year, with men the most likely victims and fentanyl the clear culprit.


Ex-MP received 'secret' cut of $12.4M deal in resort town run by his sister, police probe alleges


A former Liberal MP may have used his connections with municipal officials in Collingwood, Ont. — including his sister, the mayor — to secure a $756,000 consulting fee that was hidden from taxpayers in the fast-growing resort town northwest of Toronto, police documents obtained by CBC News reveal.


WestJet's discount airline Swoop cleared for takeoff tomorrow

WestJet Swoop

Competition is heating up for Canada's most price-sensitive travellers as WestJet Airlines gears up to launch the country's second ultra-low cost airline Wednesday.


Snatching children plays into political fight over Trump's border wall: Keith Boag


Many of the kids who’ve been taken from their families are under the age of four, according to New York Times data. Too young, obviously, to understand that when their parents crossed the border illegally they were stumbling into the White House’s calculus for the midterm elections.


Auto tariffs would kill 1 out of every 5 manufacturing jobs in Ontario, TD says

TPP autos

Donald Trump's threat to slap tariffs on Canadian cars and car parts could cost the country up to 160,000 jobs, especially if Canada retaliates, TD Bank warns.


Facebook's 'unpleasant underbelly' policed by thousands of content reviewers worldwide


Content reviewing is one of the fastest-growing, entry-level job sectors in Silicon Valley as social media platforms fight to rid their platforms of ever-growing amounts of toxic content.


This is not America? Oh, yes, it is: Neil Macdonald


Trump has sensed that his voters want ruthlessness, and that they can easily be persuaded to see the separation of children from their border-crossing parents as patriotic.


Wettlaufer dressed up as Grim Reaper for Halloween at nursing home, inquiry told


When she dressed up as the Grim Reaper for the nursing home Halloween party, nurse Elizabeth Wettlaufer raised eyebrows, but her colleagues say they didn't know she was killing residents by injecting them with insulin. Wettlaufer's strange sense of humour and her inappropriateness with staff were discussed Monday at the Ontario public inquiry into long-term care that continues today.


Marriage tied to lower risk of fatal heart attack and stroke

Couple walk

Married people may be less likely to develop cardiovascular disease or die from a heart attack or stroke than individuals who aren't, a research review suggests.


Trump, U.S. Republicans to meet amid furor over immigrant children


U.S. President Donald Trump, facing a blast of criticism for the detention of children separated from their immigrant parents at the U.S.-Mexico border, was slated to meet with Republican lawmakers on Tuesday ahead of votes on immigration legislation.


Crown wants mosque shooter Alexandre Bissonnette locked up for life

Alexandre Bissonnette court

"This unprecedented crime merits a punishment that reflects its horrible implications," prosecutor Thomas Jacques told the judge in a Quebec City courtroom Tuesday.


'It kills that mass market': Burgeoning British bourbon market braces for EU tariffs on U.S. exports

Martyn Simpson

With the European Union poised to hit American exports with retaliatory tariffs, those who sell or consume U.S. spirits in the United Kingdom are predicting the burgeoning market for whisky and bourbon could take a hit.


Record 68 million people displaced last year, UN says in annual refugee report

UN-Refugee Crisis

Nearly 69 million people were forcibly displaced last year, a record for the fifth straight year, according to an annual report from the UN refugee agency. In Canada, asylum claims doubled from the previous year.


Costs of hearing-related health claims on the rise in Canadian military


The cost of health claims related to hearing loss among members of Canada's military is rising, due in part to the reluctance of members to wear protective equipment and because the most suitable devices aren't always provided.


Another American moral crisis over immigration — but this time, Trudeau's staying out of it


When U.S. President Donald Trump tried to ban migration from Muslim-majority countries, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sent a tweet of welcome to the world. Now the Trump administration is locking up kids — and the PM is staying largely quiet.


Inviting 'very difficult conversations': Why the AGO welcomes debate over Indigenous art

Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory

A new exhibit juxtaposing two generations of Inuit artists is the AGO's first by its recently revamped department of Indigenous and Canadian Art — a body that has been under scrutiny for its efforts at inclusion.


Rapper XXXTentacion shot dead in Florida


Troubled rapper-singer XXXTentacion has been shot and killed in Florida, authorities say.


Conservatives nab seat from Liberals in Quebec byelection

Richard Martel

Federal Conservative candidate Richard Martel won a byelection in Chicoutimi-Le Fjord, Que., on Monday, taking a seat from the governing Liberals.


Bureaucratic limbo leaves new adoptive parents stranded in Japan

Wiyani Prayetno and Ryan Hoag

Five B.C. families are stuck in Tokyo as Ottawa sorts out the confusion over Japanese adoption laws prompted by a notice from the U.S. government.


Trump threatens China with new tariffs on $200B in goods


President Donald Trump directed the U.S. Trade Representative to prepare new tariffs on $200 billion US in Chinese imports on Monday as the two nations moved closer to a potential trade war.


Country music star Ronnie Prophet, 80, was a superb showman

A Juno Award-winning vocalist, he was also a charismatic TV personality, hosting several variety shows in the 1970s and 80s  More

Torstar, Postmedia and the arrogance of the deal

The companies seemed to think they could eliminate or reduce newspaper competition in markets such as London and the Niagara region and avoid any regulatory scrutiny of the transaction.  More

Larry Kwong was the NHL’s first player of Asian descent

The speedy forward, known as the China Clipper, experienced discrimination throughout his career and his life  More

Another dog-meat farm shut down; pups arrive in Montreal

On hand to greet the dogs was figure skater and Olympic medalist Meagan Duhamel, whose dog Moo-tae was rescued from a South Korean meat farm  More

Meeting Stephen Hawking: A revelatory experience

My encounter with a genius of science was a rare privilege – and it almost didn’t happen  More

Betty Peterson, 100, devoted her life to the peace movement

Believing that many issues were connected, she also fought for everything from Indigenous rights to the environment.  More

Amplify: More direct, fewer emojis: What I learned from my email experiment

In this issue of Amplify, guest editor Lanna Crucefix talks about how women use language to get what they want while creating and maintaining relationships, particularly at work  More

Montreal rapidly killing legendary Sainte-Catherine Street for retailers

Similar construction projects completed along Saint-Laurent Boulevard and Saint-Denis Street in recent years saw dozens of stores and restaurants close. Neither street has recovered.  More

Arwen Helene: Environmentalism ‘part of our ethos’ at Winnipeg Folk Festival

‘It’s not just producing music. It’s what kind of community are we creating, how are we treating each other and how are we treating the earth we’re sharing for this time together.’  More

Serious questions remain five months after man’s suspected overdose in Ontario jail

Curtis McGowan’s death is classified as ‘undetermined,’ a label that applies to 75.9 per cent of all jail deaths since Jan. 1, 2014, according to provincial figures provided to The Globe and Mail  More

B.C. court to rule on testing of DNA in 1983 case

Lawyers for a man who has spent 35 years in prison express hope tissue samples can help clear his name in a murder he has long denied committing  More

How chaos and 3,000 disputed ballots derailed the Ontario PCs' plans to smoothly announce new leader

The long delay was the result of controversy over votes that weren’t assigned to any specific riding in a contest where riding-by-riding results were the key.  More

Doug Ford formally takes reins of Ontario PCs as Christine Elliott concedes

The former MPP drops her talk of a court challenge after disputing the results of Saturday's close vote for a day.  More

RCMP unionization may change community policing across Canada

Some jurisdictions could shift away from using Mounties as costs are expected to rise.  More

Underinvestment in critical rail, pipeline infrastructure could cost Canada billions

The damage is both financial and reputational. There are some answers to the mess, but Ottawa has been slow to move on them.  More

Molson brewery workers in Montreal vote to accept contract

The workers refused another one of the employer’s offers two weeks earlier by a margin of 57 per cent  More

University of Calgary study suggests technology can help predict where lightning may spark wildfires

Lightning-caused wildfires are a growing problem in Western Canada and have been stretching fire resources to their limits  More

Mountain experts alarmed after five people die in tree wells in a single week

The space of loose, deep snow that can form around tree trunks can pose a serious hazard for people skiing or snowboarding in the mountains  More

Insurance company investigation uncovers ‘pervasive’ Ontario auto-body shop fraud

Industry estimates suggest between five and 15 per cent of premiums drivers pay for car insurance go toward covering undetected fraudulent claims  More

Manitoba child-welfare tracking system still not updated despite inquiry recommendation

The leader of the inquiry into the 2005 death of Phoenix Sinclair called for the network be replaced ‘without delay’  More

Doug will be Doug, and that’s not good

Forget all the stories we like to tell ourselves about how much wiser and calmer than our American cousins we are. Canadians are every bit as capable of lashing out at their governing class  More

Doug Ford’s win raises the stakes in Ontario’s election

The June vote has now become a referendum on whether Ontarians are prepared to embrace a style of government more visceral and unpredictable and resistant to political and institutional norms than any they have ever had.  More

Doug Ford wins Ontario's PC leadership, Christine Elliott refuses to concede after contentious vote

A tight race between Mr. Ford and former Tory MPP Christine Elliott prompted the wait as party officials reviewed the results. The party said 64,053 of its nearly 190,000 members cast ballots in the race, which also featured political newcomer Caroline Mulroney and party activist Tanya Granic Allen.  More

Ontario Tories shouldn’t believe their party's ‘clean bill of health’

Some of the issues that allowed the debacle with Patrick Brown to happen in the first place have not been resolved and could come back to haunt the new Progressive Conservative leader.  More

Les Grands Ballets reels from self-inflicted gender bias PR disaster

Artistic director Ivan Cavallari’s grand plan to extol the virtues of ‘woman’ might have come out of 1958 or 1898.  More

Saskatchewan’s Scott Moe says carbon-tax stance unchanged after Trudeau meeting

The Premier said he hasn’t changed his mind about the province being the lone holdout from Ottawa’s Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change  More

Judge clears way for Ontario PCs to announce new leader Saturday

The request for an injunction from a disenfranchised voter was only the latest twist in a rocky campaign that at 44 days was the shortest in Ontario’s modern history.  More

Quebeckers increasingly understand the French are weak on French

President Emmanuel Macron says he’s not a ‘grouchy defender’ of the language, but that controversial remark fails to produce what once would have been the usual linguistic storm in the province.  More

Evening Update newsletter: Vice-Admiral Mark Norman charged; RCMP’s new commissioner

Also: Canada export agency knew of allegations against Gupta family when it approved loan, lawyer says  More