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There is arguably no better vantage point to observe the shifting tides of downtown St. Catharines than Orhan Kerim’s shop.  More

Attack impedes Niagara EQAO literacy tests

Niagara’s largest school board is hoping students who wrote a scuttled provincial online literacy test will have completed exams marked.  More

City asked to purchase 20 more acres for new hospital

The city has to purchase 20 acres of land for the south Niagara hospital project to proceed, the Niagara Falls Review has learned.  More

Council wants more bite for animal abuse penalties

St. Catharines city council is calling on the College of Veterinarians of Ontario to strengthen its penalties against animal-abusing vets.  More

RECAP: St. Catharines City Council

St. Catharines city council meets tonight at city hall.  More

Francophone tourism has potential for Welland

Welland’s French heritage could mean tourism opportunities for the city.  More

Wainfleet fire hall faces closure

Wainfleet township council is set to make a decision about consolidating a couple of the rural municipality’s fire halls during a council meeting tonight.  More

Wild fowl caused Lincoln duck farm outbreak

It was through contact with wild fowl that an outbreak of avian influenza occurred on a Lincoln duck farm this summer.  More

Niagara-filmed feature gets early critical approval

A regional feature film shot in the soon-to-be demolished Hotel Dieu Hospital is gathering early critical kudos.  More

Torbett’s Tunnel of Terror takes on cancer

A Niagara Falls couple’s love for Halloween has gone a long way in helping the local food bank and children battling cancer.  More

Case against NRP constable adjourned to January

The case of a Niagara Regional Police constable alleged to have pointed a gun at a fellow officer has been adjourned to next year.  More

Chat with Welland Mayor Frank Campion

Welland Mayor Frank Campion discussed budget challenges and bylaw enforcement issues, Monday, while responding to questions from readers.  More

Five-part series examines our downtown

Five-part Standard series looking at its past and future starts Tuesday  More

College culinary team gets an early gold

Junior Culinary Team Canada has whipped up an impressive start at this year’s Culinary Olympics, with a gold in its first competition.  More

Former Ontario nurse killed 8 elderly patients, police allege


A former Woodstock, Ont., nurse killed eight elderly patients in southwestern Ontario nursing homes, Ontario Provincial Police allege.


25 crew hospitalized after British Airways flight diverted to Vancouver

british airways plane

A British Airways A380 aircraft on its way from San Francisco to London made an emergency landing in Vancouver late Monday night after crew members became unwell.


Dennis Oland granted bail by Court of Appeal

Dennis Oland, appeal, Oct. 20, 2016

Dennis Oland has been granted bail by the New Brunswick Court of Appeal, a day after his second-degree murder conviction was quashed.


'We don't have dialogue with liars': Trudeau heckled by crowd at young workers' event

Justin Trudeau

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau faces off with a room of angry protesters, venting their frustration over everything from pipelines to the failed federal payroll system.


Shoppers Drug Mart formally applies to distribute medical marijuana

Medicinal marijuana

Canada's largest pharmacy chain has formally applied to be a distributor of medical marijuana.


Why Ankara wants a place on front line and say in Iraq's future

Turkey Military Coup

Iraqi, Turkish and Kurdish forces are facing intensified pressure from ISIS in the battle for Mosul, but far from the front lines another fight threatens to throw security in the region off balance.


Calgary sees record number of business starts amid economic downturn

Kelly Bruce of Little Blue Canoe

While Calgary is experiencing a record level of business closures, at the same time there is a record number of new businesses opening. It seems the entrepreneurial spirit is strong, even in a prolonged downturn.


Here's how much food Walmart throws away over 12 days

Walmart garbage

CBC Marketplace went through trash bins at two Walmart stores near Toronto to see how much food the company throws away.


Polls showing Trump and Clinton neck-and-neck may be missing the mark

Campaign 2016 Trump

Though the consensus points to a lead for Hillary Clinton, a few polls suggest that Donald Trump is running much closer to the Democratic nominee — or even ahead. But a look at the state polls suggests that these may be outliers.


Evicting migrants: Calais' never-ending operation

calais migrant camp

French authorities may hope the ongoing evictions of the Calais “jungle” will be a permanent solution, but history has shown the area in northern France to be a magnet for migrants.


Why the Canada-EU trade deal has become a 'whipping boy' for anti-globalization forces

Germany Canada Trade

The backlash against CETA may be symptomatic of growing anti-globalization sentiments and has played a role in the decision by Belgium's Wallonia socialist government to scuttle the trade pact between Canada and the EU.


System treats the man 'like he’s a deadbeat’: Feds need to update child benefit rules, think-tank says

Nora Spinks

The head of the Vanier Institute of the Family, a Canadian think-tank based in Ottawa, says the federal government needs to update its policies when it comes to the way it awards family benefits.


Venezuelan opposition leaders call for ‘popular revolt’ as political rivals set for talks


Venezuela's embattled socialist government and the opposition will start talks this weekend in a bid to head off an escalating political standoff sparked by the suspension of a recall referendum aimed at removing Nicolas Maduro, the nation’s deeply unpopular president.


Conservative Glen Motz thanks Trudeau after winning Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner byelection

Glen Motz

"The activity in our campaign absolutely spiked the day he arrived," says winning Conservative candidate Glen Motz of Justin Trudeau after taking the riding held by right-of-centre MPs since 1972.


59 killed, 117 wounded after gunmen attack Pakistani police training centre


Militants wearing suicide vests stormed a Pakistani police academy in the southwestern city of Quetta overnight, killing at least 59 people, mostly police cadets and recruits, and waging a ferocious gunbattle with troops that lasted into early hours Tuesday.


New Brunswick court grants Dennis Oland bail pending appeal

Justice Marc Richard says Dennis Oland has regained the presumption of innocence  More

Live now: Trudeau’s Supreme Court pick, Malcolm Rowe, enters the hot seat

Follow live from the hearing in Ottawa, and get caught up below on who Malcolm Rowe is and what lies ahead for the Supreme Court  More

Jet makes emergency landing in Vancouver after crew 'became unwell'

British Airways crew members checked into local hospitals 'as a precaution before being discharged'  More

Ontario nurse charged with murder of eight nursing home residents

Police say the victims were in their 70s, 80s and 90s  More

Canadians still see immigration in positive light, study finds

Study finds Canadians’ attitudes toward newcomers remains largely unchanged from last year  More

Canada’s healthy eating initiative still needs some bite

Health Minister Jane Philpott wants to replace the Canada Food Guide with a ‘suite of products’ more suited to Canada’s multicultural demographics  More

Ottawa faces court fight over thalidomide claim compensation

Quebec woman has filed an application in Federal Court saying she was treated in an ‘unfair and oppressive’ way when her claim for financial support was rejected  More

Liberals stick to countrywide Supreme Court selection process

The move keeps alive the controversy – including within the government’s own caucus – about safeguarding regional diversity on the Supreme Court  More

Ontario supplier charged with mislabelling chicken as organic

Cericola Farms faces eight charges including fraud and misrepresentation after investigation by Canadian Food Inspection Agency  More

Dog trapped in well for almost a month recovering at vet school

Seven-year-old Bruno is listed as stable in the intensive care unit at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon  More

Home-care coverage gap remains for patients who move provinces

Despite political rhetoric about the importance of home care, one of the biggest cracks in Canada’s fractured system remains  More

The Dennis Oland case: Why a single piece of evidence matters so much

New Brunswick’s appeal court overturned the verdict, based on the trial judge’s lack of caution to jurors about how much weight to place on an alleged lie by Oland about the colour of the jacket he wore on July 6, 2011  More

Health Canada looks to improve outdated Canada Food Guide

Health Minister Jane Philpott announced a consultation process Monday to update the ineffective nutrition guide with better recommendations and the latest scientific evidence  More

Court dismisses appeal for Victoria Stafford’s killer Michael Rafferty

Michael Rafferty was sentenced to life in prison in 2013 with no chance of parole for 25 years for kidnapping, sexual assault causing bodily harm and first-degree murder in the death of the Woodstock, Ont., girl  More

Appeal court overturns Dennis Oland murder conviction, orders new trial

Judge notes that Dennis Oland, who has been serving a life sentence for the 2011 killing of his father, has regained presumption of innocence due to original trial judge’s error  More

Canada-EU deal in question after Belgium declines to sign on

The path to the finish line for the Canada-European Union trade agreement disappeared on Monday after Belgium informed EU officials that it cannot sign the deal  More

Physician-assistant integration could save time, money: report

Delegating routine tasks to PAs, who work under doctors’ supervision, could save up to $1-billion and free up almost 30 per cent of doctors’ time  More

RCMP allowed car involved in Boushie shooting out of its custody

Vehicle in which indigenous man was killed spent time on two lots exposed to elements  More

Ottawa officer charged after online remarks about death of Inuit artist

Forensic unit member charged with discreditable conduct after he allegedly wrote comments about death of Annie Pootoogook  More

National Research Council president Iain Stewart has his work cut out for him

New appointee tasked with figuring out what role the research council will play in Ottawa’s plan to grow the economy  More

Why a new national strategy on food can’t satisfy all

The Liberal government has promised to create Canada’s first-ever national food policy. But, with diverse demands from agriculture groups, the food industry and environmental advocates, it has a lot on its plate  More

Supreme Court hearings provide transparency, respect to process

This week, for the first time, parliamentarians will have not one but two public hearings to debate Justin Trudeau’s nomination of Justice Malcolm Rowe, and at the second hearing they will hear from Justice Rowe himself  More

Protesters who refuse solid food take fight against Muskrat Falls to Ottawa

Around 700 workers have been moved out of the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric site in Labrador as protesters continue to occupy the grounds  More

Belgian region says it can't meet deadline for Canada trade deal

European Union says it will cancel Thursday summit to finalize accord with Trudeau if opposition to international deal continues through Monday  More

Protesters break into Muskrat Falls hydroelectric site, form blockade outside

A Nalcor Energy spokeswoman said protesters and vehicles entered the work site near Happy Valley-Goose Bay Saturday afternoon, and a blockade of around 150 people formed outside the main entrance  More

Freeland more hopeful about saving Canada-EU trade deal

The Trade Minister said she was heading back to Canada after meeting Saturday morning with European Parliament President Martin Schulz in Brussels, but hoped to return with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to sign the CETA accord  More

If Secret Path ‘is the last thing I do, I’m happy’: What happens to Gord Downie next

While he’s still creating and making plans, the Tragically Hip front man is trying hard not to get ahead of himself  More

First Nations chief calls prisoner’s treatment in solitary ‘inhumane’

Chief seeks to aid aboriginal prisoner in Thunder Bay confined more than 1,500 days in Plexiglass cell illuminated by 24-hour light  More

Tension simmers as union targets small-town volunteer firefighters

‘Double Hatters,’ who work full-time but volunteer at fire halls, resigning to avoid disciplinary process  More

Terrorism investigations tax RCMP's ability to fight Canada's organized crime

The number of RCMP wiretaps on organized-crime groups is plummeting sharply as the force shifts its detectives to the fight against terrorism  More