VoIP Help

Managing Your Account

As a Vaxxine home phone user, your contact information and phone settings are easily changed by calling into the Vaxxine call center during business hours, and or changing and resubmitting the information online by logging in at the VoIP Customer Portal.

Always keep your 911 contact information up-to-date. Your life may depend on it!

Below are some sample images from the VoIP customer portal:

Logging In

Home Screen

Contact Editing

Call Handling Screen

Call Logs Screen

Voicemail Screen

911 Service

It is imperative that you keep your current address up to date so that 911 emergency services will know exactly where you are calling from at all times. Since the phone call is made over the internet, the method in which your address is sent to the emergency dispatch is different than with traditional phone service, and relies on the caller to confirm accurate address information. When your phone service is setup we input your primary service address. If you move or relocate your ATA it is imperative that you either notify us of the address change or visit the portal available from https://web.vaxxine.com/telephone/help to update the address yourself. Keep in mind that it takes up to 48 hours for the new address to be confirmed so if a 911 call is made in the interim the caller MUST be prepared to identify the address.

All VoIP calls depend on having an active internet connection and this includes 911 calls. Your VoIP telephone service is dependent on your internet service, which can be affected by blackouts and service outages. These have the ability to interrupt the VoIP phone service and especially the 911 service. Your Vaxxine home phone service, including 911 will not work in the event of a power outage, broadband service outage, and also suspension or disconnection of your service due to billing issues. In the case of a power outage you may be able to mitigate the effects of the outage by deploying a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) to your cable or DSL modem, router (if you have one), and your VoIP ATA. Depending on the power provided by a UPS you may also use it to provide power for your computer. A UPS will provide continuous power until the battery inside the UPS is depleted.

There are differences between traditional and VoIP 911 services, and it is important to prepare yourself as these differences could potentially cause a problem. The most important thing is to always have a backup plan. Since there is a chance that your information is not current or correctly entered the emergency dispatch personnel will ask you for your location and situation. This may at the time feel overwhelming, but remember to stay calm, others may be counting on you, and the emergency dispatch operator is there to help. It is also important to remember that in a service or power outage you will be unable to use your VoIP phone, so remember your backup plan (such as to use a cell phone), and what you will be asked; where I am, who I am and what's happening.

In order to subscribe to the VoIP phone service it is your obligation to inform all users or potential users of the VoIP 911 service. This includes the limitations which have been outlined, as well as keep your address information up to date at all times. We take absolutely no responsibility should you or anyone becomes injured, damaged, or perishes as a result of improperly using the 911 service or inability to use the 911 service. Vaxxine is absolved of any responsibility should the VoIP service, including the VoIP 911 service, be unavailable, abused or mishandled under any circumstances. Additionally Vaxxine will take no responsibility should any user address information be incorrect resulting in damages or injury, including death.

In addition, please see our 911 Service FAQ for all other information pertaining to VoIP and 911 service.


Dial one of the following to get access to following features:

  • *30 - block caller ID (for all calls)
  • *31 - unblock caller ID (for all calls)
  • *44 - 4 seconds delayed echo test (testing call quality)
  • *45 - echo test (testing two way sound)
  • *46 - DTMF testing with IVR
  • *67 - block caller id (next call only)
  • *72 - Enable call forward
  • *73 - Disable call forward
  • *78 - enable Do Not Disturb
  • *79 - disable Do Not Disturb
  • *98 - Voicemail IVR menu
  • 14164772002 - Voicemail remote access